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Bone Graft


Bone Grafting Hoboken, NJ

Dental Arts of Hoboken offers bone grafting in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Bone grafts help to regenerate bone in areas in which bone loss has occurred or bone has atrophied.  This can happen in areas of the jawbone when teeth have been missing for a period of time or due to other conditions that affect bone strength.

In bone graft procedures, bone from another part of the body, or a natural or synthetic substitute, is implanted in the area of weak or missing bone.  The implanted bone graft strengthens the area, and also promotes new natural bone growth around the area of the graft.  As new bone growth occurs, it forms and often covers much of the grafted bone material, further increasing the strength of the grafted bone.

Bone grafting is typically done in order to allow for proper placement of dental implants.   Since dental implants cannot be properly attached to weak or missing bone, we can perform bone graft procedures to strengthen the area in order to suitably accept dental implants.  Bone grafting also helps to maintain proper oral functioning, as well as to improve the aesthetic appearance of the mouth and face.

If you are interested in learning more about bone graft procedures in our Hoboken dental office, contact us today at 201-963-9000.

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